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LEDBag EyeTouch


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PROXILED is a company that uses these innovative methods to boost clients’ visibility and marketing strategies, along with others. Being one to stand out, it has even gone a step further to diversify mobile marketing- specifically on a knapsack.

Over the years, marketing has evolved so much. 

Traditional methods like word of mouth and direct mail marketing have been replaced by digital techniques such as social media and content marketing.

THE BEST EYES-CATCHING’ solution TO ATTRACT attention in high-traffic areas like trade shows, shopping centers, sporting events, music festivals, and more!


  • Screen size: 32 inch(735*430mm)
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Brightness: 1000 NITS
  • System: Android 9.0
  • Memory:1G+8G
  • Communication:WIFI/USB/RJ45/HDMI
  • Power:DC12V,5A
  • Product size:74*43*16CM
  • Net weight:8.8KG

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