A mobile and highly functional screen

Do you want to attract attention and innovate in the way you communicate?

When time and space are limited, the RollUp offers an innovative alternative for creating an immersive digital environment. With this original visual support, logistics are reduced to a minimum to offer the user a quick to set up display solution. The RollUp is light and easily movable. It can be installed in less than 5 minutes by one person without any special skills.

The Video RollUp is by far the best option for forming a very large screen in a minimum of time.

What's more, it's easy to use because the images can be sent from your smartphone, tablet or computer via the Wi-Fi network.




Broadcast from your smartphone/PC

Don't miss an opportunity to make an impression!









Impress your audience

What do you think of our Video Roll-Up to welcome your guests?

An original support, easy to use and set up in less than 5 minutes. It's the ideal companion to show off.

An original and dynamic video format increases the attractiveness of your messages tenfold. 

Take advantage of the efficiency of the ROLL UP on your exhibition stands, points of sale and all your events. 

What you should know before renting or buying a video RollUp

A location plan (ideally a sketch) with the exact location must be provided at the latest 3 days before delivery. Please send us delivery/pick-up schedule as well as the name of the contact person present at delivery/collection and mobile phone number.
The location must be passable, clear and easily accessible 1 hour before our arrival (please advise if there are stairs). We deliver by van in a 2m x 0.5m long flight case which should remain on site (please advise if we need to take the flight case back).
It is preferable to send us your visuals at least 3 days before delivery in order to check their quality and compatibility with the RollUp. Please refer to our e-mail "Advice for the creation of your visuals".

The electrical connections (3G2.5mm) will be powered up before our arrival and brought to the equipment location (1 socket per RollUp). A RollUp requires at least 1 single-phase 16A electrical connection. Its consumption is 200W on average. To avoid any overvoltage that could cause the system to stop at any time, it is imperative to distribute the electrical loads on your electrical installation. Electrical reels with built-in circuit breakers are not accepted and additional wiring must be requested in advance.

Generally, each RollUp works independently of each other as they all have a built-in player. However, it is possible to link several Rollups together to form a large screen. In this case, the players are connected in series by RJ45 cable. Our equipment should be protected from heat/humidity and connected by an ethernet cable (not supplied) to our system. For the use of external devices, you will need an additional device: video-processor (cameras, laptop, control room, TV decoder, ...) The video processor supports the following signals: vga, dvi, hdmi, coax, usb and bnc. If a TV set-top box is used, it must be tested one week before and the day before our assembly. (Update). It must be located near the videoprocessor or be deported with the appropriate wiring. We will not be held responsible for poor signal quality. We strongly recommend the services of our technician for your event.

A deposit of 50% is requested via an order form or invoice at the time of ordering. The balance is due no later than 3 days before delivery. Please make sure that you return the order form signed for approval and that you have paid your deposit.