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Your innovative LED advertising network on Wallonia's busiest roads. You will be seen by thousands of consumers every day.

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Opt for advertising on a giant ledmobile screen with PROXILED for an impactful and efficient corporate communication. Surpass traditional media with our urban digital advertising agency, ideal for optimal visibility and massive reach.

Proxiled, Wallonia's exclusive leader in advertising on giant LED screens, has been demonstrating the boldness of this innovative medium for 15 years. By reserving statistics for our adventurous partners, we increase their visibility in their catchment areas.

Our cutting-edge display technologyThis is a complement to the mass media and is a response to advertisers who want to distinguish themselves from the general public and assert their uniqueness.

Far from being the preserve of certain brands, we're democratising roadside advertisingWe are gradually expanding our offer. To maximise our customers' impact, we judiciously restrict access, reinforcing their uniqueness and brand image.

Faced with a rapidly changing environment and growing competition, urban digital signage is your ally of choice for standing out in 2023. Our visibility experts will find the best locations in Wallonia to make your image dynamic and bright.

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PROXILED's vision is to help brands and entrepreneurs communicate better through innovative dynamic display solutions.


7 reasons to use this medium impactful


Belgian media statistics suggest a growing reliance on digital OOH advertising, with a post-covid shift to digital at the expense of traditional media. The increase in digital investments indicates a rapid shift towards more modern communication methods, a movement that is now irreversible.

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Repeating ads on giant roadside LED screens can be a tremendous asset to your advertising strategy. You can be assured that each repetition of your ad reinforces your brand, increases your visibility and maximises your advertising investment.

Your brand is truly visible

Lost among 3,000 daily ads? It's time to stand out from the crowd with an innovative advertising network that helps to enhance your brand. Born in Wallonia more than 15 years ago, Proxiled has proven its success through the testimonies of customers who have integrated our unique solution into their marketing strategy. With Proxiled, don't just be part of the market noise, create your own symphony.

Your advertising,
Targeted and cost-effective

On the busy roads of Wallonia, visibility is paramount. That's why Proxiled offers you prime advertising space in your catchment area. Where others get lost in the ocean of the ordinary, our advertisers stand out thanks to dynamic and innovative campaigns, projected on imposing PROXILED mobile LED screens. Don't blend in with the crowd; be the beacon that catches everyone's eye.

An advertising solution
sustainable and efficient

In our constant quest to preserve our planet, the Proxiled advertising network stands out for its ecological commitment. Despite popular belief, our screens consume less energy per day than an electric vehicle travelling 100 km. With remote management via 4G, our on-site interventions are limited to twice a month. In addition, our advertising media have an average lifespan of 7 years and are fully recyclable. Beyond visibility, Proxiled offers you a low environmental impact advertising solution, unmatched in the media industry.


A roadside LED display advertising system is an advertising system that uses large LED screens located along roadsides to display dynamic advertising messages.

There are several significant advantages to advertising on giant LED roadside screens. Firstly, these screens are large and offer high visibility due to their brightness, allowing the advertisements to easily attract the attention of motorists and passers-by. In addition, a unique advantage is that these screens are typically moved every 25 days on average, keeping motorists interested and engaged by regularly displaying new advertisements in different locations. This ensures that your ad remains fresh and relevant to the audience.

The giant LED screens are installed at the roadside and are connected to a centralized management system via 4G. Advertisers can schedule one or more advertising campaigns on these screens according to a predefined schedule.

Screen sizes can vary depending on the location. However, large LED screens used at the roadside are typically between 6 and 8m².

The giant roadside LED displays support different content formats such as JPG images and MP4 videos. Commonly used resolutions are usually based on 16:9 format, such as 1000×576 pixels.

The giant roadside LED displays are equipped with ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the light intensity according to the surrounding light conditions and are switched off at night. This minimises glare and ensures optimum visibility while maintaining driver safety at night.

This innovative advertising technique has a significant positive environmental impact. Through the use of energy-saving LED technologies, it helps to reduce energy consumption compared to traditional billboards. In addition, the elimination of the need for paper, glue and other materials used in traditional posters reduces waste and promotes a more environmentally friendly approach. This transition to greener advertising contributes to the sustainability and preservation of our planet.

The length of an advert can vary, but typically the adverts on the giant roadside LED screens are 10 seconds long. It is essential to create compelling and easily readable content in this short time frame to maximise impact.

Yes, it is possible to target specific audiences with the mobile giant LED screen advertising network. For example, you can choose strategic locations based on proximity to your business or your competitors' businesses. In addition, you can schedule specific ads for times of the week when your target audience is most likely to pass by the screens and see your visual.

To measure effectiveness, you can take into account elements such as traffic studies that give an idea of the number of vehicles passing in front of the screen, awareness surveys that you could carry out by asking questions to your customers. These measures provide insights into the visibility, awareness, engagement and impact of the giant LED screen advertising campaign. 

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Clients talk about US

DavidMarketing manager in a car dealership
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I find that this medium brings that wow factor that other traditional communication solutions do not.
SarahCEO of a real estate agency in Brabant-Wallon
Read More
Proxiled's digital signage brings dynamism and gives a positive and moderate image of my real estate agency
ValerieDepartment manager in a supermarket
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The displays are really eye-catching and I have seen a significant increase in customer traffic a few weeks into the campaign.
LudivineManager of a communication agency
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I am satisfied with the service, which has been provided with professionalism for many years.
MichelCEO of decoration shops
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The advice is sound and the campaigns they run for us have generated new customers every week!
SteveHairdressing salon
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Thanks to the entire Proxiled team who are so efficient! With Proxiled, you will be seen 🙂