Brighten up your events with our custom-made LED screens

Imagine the look of amazement on your participants' faces as they gaze at a giant LED screen that captures their attention and enhances your content. Organising an event requires a clear vision and an eye for detail. 

"With Proxiled, bring this vision to life and "you'll be seen".

Let your content shine with exceptional image quality

Our LED screens offer exceptional picture qualityThey're bright enough to shine even in the brightest sunshine. Our screens have a striking contrast that will make your content stand out in any environment. With Proxiled, every pixel counts.

Relax, we'll take care of the installation

Installing LED screens may seem like a tall order, but not with Proxiled!

Our team of professionals will take care of every detail, from delivery to dismantling, so you can concentrate on organising your event.

Rain or shine, our screens are ready to broadcast...

Designed for withstand all weather conditionsOur screens continue to shine, ensuring uninterrupted performance and a consistent visual experience.

Rapid technical assistance for uninterrupted vision

Because nothing should interfere with the smooth running of your event, our technical team is always ready to intervene quickly to solve any problem.

With Proxiled, enjoy the peace of mind of a an ongoing, seamless event.

We turn every space into a stage. Our LED screens are carefully dimensioned to captivate your audienceIt's an immersive and breathtaking view. No matter where they are, your guests will always feel at the heart of the action."

Visible from a distance in the best conditions

With Proxiled, "you'll be screwed"like never before. Our full service includes transport, installation, technical support and even content production.


Contact us today and let your event shine