Small and light but really visible!

The PROXILED BADGE offers the possibility to scroll up to 8 different messages in a loop.

You can also choose the message according to your wishes. Its clean and simple design makes it suitable for any company or brand. This bold communication tool is easily attached with a pin or magnetic closure. The PROXILED BADGE is durable and easy to use.

  • Programmable lighted badge
  • Design and display
  • Easy to hang on to
  • High autonomy
  • Measures 93 x 30 x 6 mm

You'll be a real eye-catcher when you turn it on. The PROXILED BADGE is a simple and brilliant way to differentiate yourself. Being visible at a glance is child's play with this illuminated badge that weighs only 17g. Whether at a trade fair, an event or in private, people will recognise you from afar. 

Do you want to draw attention to YOU?


The BADGE PROXILED offers the possibility to quickly change the message as many times as you want with a button on the edge of the badge.

This innovative medium is the best choice to highlight your solutions and draw attention to them.

Easy to set up, you can download the software which has many fonts. You can even create your own logo. 

Visible from a distance, day and night, it can be used for many purposes: trade fairs, networking, signage, events;

Rechargeable battery with over 8 hours of autonomy

You will make an incredible impression...

You're going to get screwed...

Are you taking part in a trade fair or do you want people to know who you are wherever you go? Do you want to make it easier for people to talk to you? Then this BADGE is for you.

 PROXILED is made for you. Program your messages before attaching it to a piece of clothing, but you can also hang it on all sorts of accessories. Your PROXILED BADGE will thus become your real business card!

You will make an incredible impression...