Shine Brighter with LEDWalk: Proxiled’s Game-Changing Marketing Marvel

Shine Brighter with LEDWalk: Proxiled’s Game-Changing Marketing Marvel

Be Seen Everywhere with Proxiled's LEDWalk: The Ultimate Portable LED Display

When you hear the name “Proxiled”, what comes to mind? For Pierre Duquesne and his team, Proxiled is innovation and a way of life. 

Often described as a creative genius, Proxiled is responsible for many of the advertisements and marketing campaigns all across Europe. In today’s blog, we will examine one of the many innovations that they use to grab the public’s attention- the LEDWalk.

The LEDWalk is a genius way of getting your message across to customers. It is portable, which means it is very easy to transport it from one location to the other. 

Adding to its portability is the fact that it can easily be folded, which makes it extremely easy to quickly install it wherever you want it to be! It could be on the sidewalk, at a university, in the supermarket…and absolutely anywhere else that you want your message to be seen. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be close to a power source for it to work because there are no pesky wires involved!

The sleek side profile of the LEDWalk- thin so that is it is easy to fold and on wheels for easy transport Another cool feature of the LED Walk is that it is weatherproof-meaning it is both waterproof and dust proof. This means that the resolution is absolutely crystal clear and so bright that it makes you almost want to touch it because you simply can’t believe it’s a screen! 

Did someone say smudge resistant? Why, yes please! How about its battery life? You can juice this machine for 8 solid hours! That means 8 hours of getting your message out there and going from place to place without worrying about the battery health. The formats supported by the LEDWalk are jpg, mp4, PPT and 3D, which means it is versatile. Operating systems supported are Android and Windows. 

For a device that looks so simple and sleek, it surely does offer a lot of benefits! It is smaller than a LED Mobile and is more compact, so if those are some of the features you are looking for, look no further as we have you covered! Proxiled will surely make you “be seen”!

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